About Us

Al Saha Al Shifa Daycare Hospital, Rolla Sharjah is a part of Saudi based Yasmin  group. Under the same umbrella we have been operating three medical center in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah for the past 15 years. Our excellence and quality in patient centric approach to delivering healthcare has made us a differential player in the healthcare industry.

Al Saha Al Shifa  is committed to delivering high quality patient care using the latest technology, equipment and facilities in modern, comfortable surroundings.The hospital performs a wide range of diagnostic, interventional and surgical procedures. Specialists operating at Al Saha Al Shifa are required to meet and maintain credentialing standards and our nursing staff are actively encouraged to follow a professional development pathway to maintain high standards.

Private healthcare allows choice, flexibility and access to specialists who use the latest techniques in treatment. You are free to nominate your specialist and can expect your consultation and treatment in a timely manner without waiting list restrictions. Early treatment and intervention is often pivotal in ensuring the best outcome for patients.


To lead the quality of life enhancement healthcare through establishing a healthcare mechanism that applies specialized integration of medical management for chronic and acute diseases through a patient centered system.

Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital provides compassionate, quality care in a dignified manner at an affordable cost. We believe that care should be given with thought to each individual’s needs, so that every person receives that care and respect they deserve.

Our dedicated staff members are committed to this vision and show that commitment on daily basis.

Our day care facility is a full state of art that offers the very best of services, expertise and treatment to match any other day care hospital in the UAE. We have been providing quality care to the patients for the last 10 years and are one of the most popular clinics in this area.


Al Saha Al shifa hospital was established by visionary leader who believed in simple, guiding principles and five fundamental values

  • Quality.  We maintain the highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving our outcomes.
  • Teamwork.  We collaborate and share knowledge to benefit patients and fellow caregivers for the advancement of our mission.
  • Service.  We strive to exceed our patients’ and/or fellow caregivers’ expectations for comfort and convenience.
  • Integrity.  We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.
  • Compassion.  We demonstrate our commitment to world-class care by providing a caring and supportive environment for our patients, patients’ families and fellow caregivers.