Key Factors for a Successful General/Daycare Surgery in Sharjah

Are you afraid of Surgeries?

Have you experienced any major surgeries?

Are you worried of undergoing surgeries?

The word “surgery” itself creates lot of chaos in the mind of a normal human being. But at the same time in some cases surgeries play a very critical role in saving lives. Have you ever thought of the saying “The pain you experience today is for the better tomorrow”. It’s very true in most of the cases especially in the field of medicine and surgery.

Surgery is a wide area of the media stream and it can be classified into different categories. Some of the major specializations include:

  • General Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiothoracic surgery and many more

Did you know?


SURGERY is an ART and it cannot be performed by everyone. A doctor with a great compassion can become an expert Surgeon.
Among developed nations, 66% of surgical procedures are performed on outpatient whereas 50% of the surgeries are performed on day-care basis with an ambitious target of 75% over the next decade (Source: A Medical Journal)

Who can be a real Surgeon or a doctor?

Along with the medical qualification, he/she must have the basic attitude of compassion, caring, empathy and kindness, to become the lifesavers of their community beings.

Laparoscopic surgeries in Sharjah

Laparoscopy is a vital sector in the field of healthcare and employs highly technical equipment and the surgeon needs special training in the technique to move forward. Mastering the in-depth knowledge of the use of optics, electrical principles, gas under pressure, and the physiologic changes – to name a few are required.
Above all, another critical factor for the Laparoscopic specialization is the technology adhering hospital or clinic with the latest and modern equipment.

Daycare surgeries in Sharjah

Home to the most wanted medical surgeries, daycare surgeries in Sharjah are very common and have become a popular modality of surgical intervention throughout the globe. Prior to the introduction of daycare surgeries in Sharjah, there were some critical factors that were prevailing like the economic and financial issues among the surgeons and anesthesiologists.

Advancements in anesthesia and surgical techniques, as well as the availability of newer drugs, are largely responsible for the progress of day-care surgeries in Sharjah. In spite of all these advancements, there were still challenges faced in the medical field due to the lack of qualified surgeons.

Some Critical factors of Daycare Surgeries

  • Pre-anesthetic condition
  • Anesthetic plans and
  • Anesthetic strategies

General and Daycare Surgeries in Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital in Sharjah


Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital in Sharjah is a great example for the dedication of the life-saving surgeries. With a strong foundation in the field of General and Laparoscopic surgery, it has been in the forefront since its inception in Sharjah to be developed as the most preferred choice for surgery related cases.

The team of general surgeons in Sharjah comprises of experts in a wide variety of office-based in-patient and out-patient procedures.

Laparoscopic and daycare surgeries are now the most advanced and established the practice of surgeries around the globe with rates still increasing since the early days of the specialty which saw minor procedures carried out on fit patients. Now due to advances in anesthesia and surgical techniques, daycare surgery is the standard pathway of care for many complex patients and procedures traditionally treated through inpatient pathways for the smarter medicine.

Laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery) has lesser complication rates and has faster recovery advantage which will enable you to go back to daily activity – that’s the reason for its ever-growing popularity.

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