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Seeking medical help in Dubai is simple.  If it is for a routine appointment, you merely pick up the phone and book an appointment.  Or, you open the internet and book online. And in the case of an emergency, you seek out the nearest hospital or clinic.  And yet, it is not as simple as one would think, because so many people don’t know the process, don’t know who the doctors are that they should be seeing, or they panic.

The SahaalShifa Hospital is one of the best medical centre clinics in SharjahThis hospital has a world class reputation, and is visited by people from all over the Emirates and all over the world.  They have doctors, specialists and surgeons in all medical fields and departments.  Whether you are looking for an ENT, a gastroenterologist, urologist, gynaecologist, paediatrician, physician or family doctor, they have it all. They also have excellent laboratories, pathologists and radiologists, and some of the best surgeons worldwide.

So how do you know when you need a doctor?  Well, we all need a doctor at some point in our lives.  As a family, you need a family doctor, also known as a general practitioner.  This is the doctor that you go to for the worrisome cold or cough, general aches or pains, fevers, vaccinations, blood pressure checks, sugar checks, pretty much anything to do with general health.  If you live in Dubai you will find an excellent team of general practitioners at the Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital RollaYou are welcome to make an appointment and meet your GP, and see if he or she is a good family fit.  And then, if you can, see the same doctor each time.  That way he or she understands you, there is trust between you, and an easy and good doctor/patient relationship.

Should you need a more specialist doctor, there are excellent specialists at The SahaalShifa Hospital, one of the best medical centre clinics in Sharjah.  Your general practitioner will refer you to a specialist if he or she thinks you need one, or you can make an appointment directly.  The important thing is that you seek medical help when you need it, and never put it off.  Most medical problems can be dealt with quickly and easily, so don’t delay.

The Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital Rolla has an excellent track record.  They are part of a Saudi based Yasmin group and have various medical centres in Saudia Arabia and Jeddah. They aim to provide health care for all – babies, children, teens, adults and geriatrics, and most importantly, at affordable rates.  Many people do not seek out health care in time as they are worried about finance.  The Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital Rolla, one of the best medical centre clinics in Sharjah, health care is affordable and patient care is excellent.

Back to the question of when you need to see a doctor.  If you are pregnant or have a new baby, see a gynaecologist and then a paediatrician.  If you have health issues, such as low or high sugar levels or diabetes, you need to see an endocrinologist.  As a woman of a certain age, you should have regular mammograms and pap smears.  Do you have high blood pressure, or feel the need to have your blood pressure checked?  You will need to see a general practitioner or a neurologist, or a cardiologist.  Your GP will tell you who you need to see.  The point is, we all need to have medical treatments or interventions at some time, and we should know who and how to seek help.

Hospitals in Dubai are good.  Some, such as the Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital Rolla, is excellent.  Whether you live in Dubai or are a business or holiday traveller or from anywhere in the UAE, you will find the specialist who can treat you at Al Sahaalshifa. The Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital Rolla has a day clinic for those quicker procedures, as well as full operating and high-tech surgeries.  They also have an emergency section that deals with casualties, accidents and all kinds of emergencies, efficiently and professionally.

The bottom line is that nobody should neglect their health.  As a parent, you need to ensure that your children see doctors as and when they need to.  If you have a baby, they must have regular check-ups.  You and everyone in your family need regular medical check-ups, and as people get older, they need to undergo certain routine checks, ensure their blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and check the things that may cause you anxiety.  Prevention is better than cure.

Find a doctor that you are comfortable with.  Family doctors at the Al Saha Al Shifa Hospital Rolla are world class.  And if you need a specialist, they will help or refer you.

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