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Spinal problems are very common. The incidence and prevalence of spinal problems has been increasing mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle, bad postures and sedentary jobs. Bad postures put a lot of stress on the ligaments, muscles and joints that support the back. Sedentary lifestyle also leads to weak muscles and ligaments, which do not support the back appropriately and, thus, pre-dispose people to back pain.

The spine is a complex structure of bones, joints, cartilages and intervertebral discs. It is held together by complex network of load bearing muscles. Spine health is very crucial as it is responsible for the weight bearing and movement of the human structure. Without spine we cannot stand erect.

Spine supports the head. It protects the nervous system via the spinal cord, which communicates between the brain and rest of the body. Nervous system is responsible for the motor, sensory and autonomic function of the body.
Spine is one of the key parts that are responsible for the overall quality of life. Almost 80% of the population suffer from one or the other spinal conditions in some point of life. Spinal disorder may permanently demobilise you, if no proper care is taken.

Studies indicate that IT professionals and anyone who sit for longer hours before the computer and uses mobile phones to text, surf and play extensively suffer mostly from spinal pain in low back and neck. Back pain is responsible for the highest number of
manpower-hours lost in the industry. The prevalence of back pain, for example, has reached epidemic proportions.


Neck pain Low back pain Slip/ Prolapsed disc
Degenerative disc disease (DDD) Sciatica Spinal stenosis
Bulging disc Osteoporosis Facet syndrome
Spondylitis Scoliosis Spinal arthritis


Our key objective is to restore the bones, muscles, joints and spinal wellness using body’s self-defensive mechanism through
natural resources and non-invasive techniques.

  1. Understanding the root cause
  2. Reducing the pain and inflammation
  3. Strengthening the muscles around the spine and joints
  4. Improving bone strength
  5. Reducing disc herniation
  6. To rehydrate the discs and restore its mineral and nutrient contents
  7. Restoring spinal bones, joints and muscle wellness
  8. Improving mobility and posture correction
  9. Improves quality of life


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